Unique Office Chair Casters

Blue Office Chair Casters

Everyone is unique and has their own wishes and ideas about an office chair casters. We think it’s normal to put ourselves in the position of facility manager, green idealist, prevention coach, back patient, buyer and stylist. In short, to everyone involved in the final seat choice. We have the right chair for every situation and working environment. For everyone. We are happy to find the chair that suits you best together with you.

When you sit behind your desk it is important that your body has a natural attitude. But even if you work functionally, such as behind your laptop or PC, it is important that you also move your arms in a natural position. With adjustable armrests you can put your arms on the desk at a 90 degree angle, which will not only feel natural, but will also be experienced as much more pleasant.

Therefore, ensure that the armrests are adjustable to your arms. The chair must be easy to adjust, but also to be able to tilt nicely. To achieve a good sitting position it is nice if the chair can tilt and move slightly with your back. If you sit all day, this is really a desirable option to experience the best sitting position.

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