Restoring Glass Console Table

Brass And Glass Console Table

Glass Console Table – If you have a glass console table in your home, you will surely appreciate the beauty that can be taken to any room in your home. You can also appreciate that from time to time your glass console table doesn’t look as beautiful as they have ever had. The key to keeping your glass console table beautiful is to keep them from scratch. We all know that the glass is fragile. But we don’t always treat it like that when in furniture. It seems we think that because this is furniture, you can be stronger with it. This is a recipe for breaking glass console tables.

Instead, take steps to stop your schedule from cracking. Start with a coaster for any cup that can be arranged. Hard glass or porcelain on your glass console table is not healthy for the table. Look at other things that you have set on the console table. If you have a lamp or other decorative object, you should put something underneath so that it does not get scratched or hit the glass surface.

Next, you need to keep your glass console table clean. This is quite easy to do. Take dishwashing detergent lightly and mix with warm water. Use a clean cloth to wipe the table surface with this solution and then wipe it off. If your schedule is very dirty, you might want to add something more to your solution. Consider a few drops of ammonia to clean it and make it shine. Not everyone is aware that you can polish a glass table.

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