Practical Piece Of Mid Century Console Table

Danish Console Table

Especially the inside of the semi-circular chassis attracts attention; mid century console table! As far as the possibility of storing something in the table is concerned, this example is somewhat more awkward. But there can certainly be a pile of unopened mail or an umbrella in the chassis.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the country? It is a usual combination; a mirror above the table in the hall.

Convenient to check how your hair is before you go out the door. The glass console is an elegant and practical piece of furniture that can be used as a small table or as a decorative element in any type of room. The glass console unit is elegant and versatile, which can perform various functions depending on the room where it is and according to your needs. Of course, what distinguishes the glass console from other furniture of the same kind is the material used for manufacturing.

Since glass is a transparent material, the console is made entirely of glass or glass combined with other materials such as iron, aluminum and wood, it is easy to fit into almost any kind of interior design. Thanks to the print used for both items, it is a clearly matching whole. The storage drawer is in the middle of the table.

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