Modern Console Table Decoration Ideas

Modern Media Console Design Ideas

Modern console table decoration design ideas, you can mix and match the frames, but having a frame type and color can give you a more aerodynamic look. Use the same frame, but in different heights and similar shapes; for example, a tall brown rectangle frame next to a short square brown frame. Instead of mixing black and white photos with colors, consider just having all one type. If there are some photos you want to transfer to black and white, you can easily change them by using a photo editing program or by sending them to a local photo processing center.

Silver decoration, to dress up a console, consider adding an elegant touch of silver. Put silver candlesticks on the ends of the table and a silver decorative plate in the middle. To protect the surface of the table, put a corridor below the items. Consider that it is white to complement both the decoration and the color of the table itself.

Tray with candles, place a large, rectangular mirror tray in the center of the table, preferably one that has an elaborate frame on it. Place the pillar candles of different heights on the tray along with several loose crystals scattered along the bottom. And then consider using nice candles that are off white. And which can go with almost any color decoration.

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