Lock Drawer Solutions In The Office

About File Cabinet Locks

A well-organized workplace makes me more creative. There is nothing better than trying out a new idea when all the materials you need are at your fingertips. Designed for everything from binder and paper to printers and computers – and even wires and cables. All parts – close to the lock drawer folder cabinet and drawer element with folder storage – have built-in cable management and ventilation to ensure that your electronic equipment does not overheat.

Many of the cabinets are painted on the back so you can place them in the middle of the room if you prefer. In a drawer you get a quick overview of what’s in it and with drawer elements on wheels, you can easily move around the cabinets. All cabinets are available in several colors and sizes. You can, for example, choose office drawer element in white, gray and black brown.

Click on a drawer element to see which colors you can choose from. If you choose a drawer element from the office cabinet furniture series, you can use the built-in lock to lock your drawers. That way, you ensure that only those who know the code have access to important documents and folders. Do you have room to spare? Turn your office into a creative workshop!

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