Ideas Of Office Chair Covers

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Office chair covers over time, the upholstery of your office chair can be worn. Or, the fabric can go out of style. There is no need to throw away your office chair, though. New office chairs can be very expensive, and wallpapering your current chair is cheap and easy. Depending on the type of upholstery you choose for your chair, all deliveries can cost less than $ 20. Be sure to choose a strong fabric to last longer.


Measure seat and back of your office chair covers to know exactly how much fabric you need. Remove the cushions from the seat and back of your chair by prying around the perimeter of each pillow with a screwdriver. Turn each removed pillow over and pry out staples that hold the current upholstery on the back of each pillow. Remove the old upholstery. Lay the two pieces of new upholstery fabric flat on the ground, with the back of the fabric facing up. Place the chair seat side down on a piece of cloth.

Pull the opposite sides of the office chair covers close to the center of the seat cushion and staple. Repeat with the two remaining pages. Add more staples until the fabric is securely fastened to the bottom of the seat cushion. Cut off excess padding on the underside of the pad. Repeat step 5 with the chair’s back cushion. Press each back padded back to its frame connector on the back and seat of the office chair frame.

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