How To Renew The Accent Chair Cover

Swivel Chair Covers

Renewing the accent chair cover can be achieved by placing the fabric over the existing upholstery and padding. The process is not difficult and the result is well worth it, creating a new piece of accent for a room. The chosen fabric will affect the style and atmosphere of the room. For example, a change in the fabric can have a dining room from formal to more contemporary or can unify different chair styles. A girl’s room will receive a boost from a chair with a bright pink seat cover.

Move up the chair, and remove the screws that hold the seat in place. Place the new fabric on the work surface, good negative part. Orient the front of the seat to the bottom of the fabric pattern. Make sure that there are at least 6 inches between the edge of the fabric and the chair seat. Then, trace around the seat of the chair with the cloth marker pen. Remove the seat and remove another 6-inch line from the drawn line.

Place the chair seat back on the fabric, matching the “X” marks. Keep the new fabric in the front center of the chair seat and fold the fabric up and over the bottom of the seat. Fold the new fabric over the center back and staple 2 inches from the edge of the seat. Work the center of each side towards each corner, bending the new fabric over the seat and stapling. Gather the excess fabric in a corner with your left hand and pull it gently. Cut off excess tissue. Return to place the seat in the chair and reinsert the screws.

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