How To Adding Lock Desk Drawer

Steel Standing Desk Drawer

Adding a lock to a desk drawer is a good idea if you want to store personal items, financial documents, or other types of private material on the desktop. Be selective about what you choose to save in a locked desktop drawer. The easiest lock to buy and install is a surface lock. Follow some steps carefully, and you will have a lockable desk drawer.


Examine the desk drawer. Make sure the box face itself is thick enough and strong enough to mount the surface lock directly on its surface. Measure the thickness of the box face. Make sure you have a thickness of at least 1/2 inch where you want to mount the lock. Look closely at the upper frame the drawer closes against. Measure and see the piece that meets the box when it is closed, at least 1/2-inch thick – the thicker the better. Make sure the piece that will hold the lock bolt container has sufficient thickness to create a strong, secure locking hold.

Locate the lock on the front of the box. Find the center point of the box. Measure across the entire width of the front of the box. Divide the total number of inches by 2, to find the midpoint. For example, if the box face is 15 inches wide, the center point is 7 1/2 inches. Plan to center the lock at the center point. Hold the lock in desktop drawer, where you want to install it, against the face of the box. Make sure they are pulled in and matched exactly. Do not get these two pieces, the locking unit and the bolt container, misaligned. Get targeting errors, and the lock will never work properly.

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