Build Your Own Oval Dining Table

White Oval Dining Table For 8

Building your own oval dining table is a simple weekend project. Choosing the table to do yourself instead of buying a pre-made one in a store offers you several advantages. For example, it is much more economically efficient. In addition, building yourself allows you to customize the table. You can choose to use low-cost particle boards or plywood to build the top of the main board, or you can use more expensive wood if you please. This means that there is an oval dining table for every taste and budget.

Buy a large 3/4 inch thick wood panel. It can be of any type of wood. Use the jigsaw to cut the 3/4 inch wood panel into an oval. Use the reciprocating saw to cut 4-by-4-inch wood on four legs. Make them as tall as you want the table to sit. Cut the wood 6 by 1 inch into four square panels that measure 6 inches in length and width. These will serve to connect the legs of the table.

Place the table face down on a clean surface. Slightly inside each corner, set the legs of the table. Place the table on the right side up. Use the level to guarantee the table is straight. Sand the entire board, including the legs. Apply a coat of varnish, and let it dry according to package instructions. Add another layer of varnish, making sure to concentrate on the surface of the table, as this is the area that will receive the most damage and wear.

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